Hello readers! Choz! hehe! I’m back! Feels like i haven’t posted anything in years! wooh! missed yall! Anyway…Here are a few random pictures i took during my visit to cebu. Yes, was in cebu for the past 5days with my family. Did a lot of eating, food shopping and some more eating. Oh my, set aside muna ang diet. haha!

Good morning Cebu!!! I missed you so much! hehe! =)

The view from our hotel room at Harolds. Beauuuutiful! ❤

Polaroid shots from my sis! She’s so addicted to Hello Kitty! ❤

My dinner plate at Marco Polo Cebu. Yumm.. told u we did a lot of eating! haha!

View from the hotels roofdeck. Spent the Chinese new years eve with family over a nice dinner and a great view of cebu.

My dinner plate! Steak! Yes, i like it heavy like that. lol! =)

My paps dinner plate! Salmon.. Yummy! =)

Kung Hei Fat Choi! We definitely had the best view that night when Waterfront hotel set off the fireworks to welcome the chinese new year. =)

Macaroons from Vanille at Ayala.. believe me i ate them all myself when we got to the hotel! Lol! =p

Warm brownie.. still from Vanille. All to myself. hehe! =)

That’s all for now guys! Goodnightie! ❤

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