Cake Day

Forever21 cuffs/ Bubbles chain ring

HBYGlicaros bandage dress

Forever21 earrings

DAS heeless shoes

My birthday dress! I knew i had to get my hands on them when i first saw it.. There was no time to think.. i had to buy it right away as soon as it went available for orders. lol! Another panic mode. haha!

Anyway, I had so much fun in this dress. Fun, in a sense that i could still dance in ‘em without fidgeting or even bother pulling down the skirt ‘cuz it would keep on riding up. NOPE! Not this one! The dress fits me perfectly and hugs my body in all the right places.. It does what a bandage dress should do and it just gives the body that perfect feminine shape. Another thing i love about the dress is that its tight enough to tuck away all those unwanted bulging areas, especially on the tummy part. Lol! But not the type of “tight” that would make you feel uneasy or would leave you gasping for air. haha! I just love this dress.. ‘nuff said. hehe!

Later guys!!

and oh! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hehe! ❤

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