PINKaholic Christmas

Hello sweeties! I know Christmas is over and next up, is new year 2012. But PINKaholic ain’t done yet with christmas. hehe! This is what got us busy last night.. Fun games, prizes, more games and more fun! Gathered up a few of our loyal PINKaholic clients to have a little christmas party get together. =)

Prizes up for grabs last night.. teehee! =)

This was like the funniest thing i ever did.. haha! I had to catch my breath the moment i got up. haha!

fab shoesies spotted! hehe!

Sisters red hawt platforms. =)

Gift i got from my manita, Grace Raquel. Thank you te! ❤

Happy holidays everyone!!! We’re glad you enjoyed our little christmas gathering. hehe!

The after party. Chozzz! Went out for some drinks with the girls. Had a blast with all of you ladies! mwah! ❤

Well, thats all for now sweeties!

Laterrrr.. mwah! =)

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