The pick of the pack

Me want these booties for 2012.. haha! Yes, i know its gonna be summer anytime soon, but ive been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots for so long now. hehe! Found some hot picks from these amazing brands. Hmmm? should i? Lol! I need suggestions! hehe!

Jeffrey Campbell – All stud – studs all over? and is it too bulky?

Jeffrey Campbell Clift (black) – hmm.. too simple?

Jeffrey Campbell –Clift (mustard brown velvet) – love this. but i think it would be difficult finding the perfect outfit that goes with it.

Jeffrey Campbell –Coltrane – Too bulky? bulldog-ish? lol!

Jeffrey Campbell – Gene – howdie! too cowboy-ish??  =p

Sam Edelman Joss – rocker ang peg? hehe!

Senso – Jay – this looks perfect. BUT! I think its too pricey for a pair of ankle boots! T_T

So who’s your pick?? hehe!

Thank you guys! mwah! ❤

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