Tough in green

Zara bag/ Forever21 necklace/ Aldo gold watch

Mango green sweater/ Forever21 leather shorts/ SM dept. store tights

No, i am bot fixing my shoes. haha! Our dog “china” hehe! She was like staring and waiting for me to bend over and pet her. I had to. hehe! Too bad shes not in the picture. =(

DAS heeless shoes

Family christmas party later..wearing this knitted sweater from mango. Its christmas, so yeah, im wearing green. lol! Paired it with my favorite leather shorts, tights and my new pair of DAS shoes. Kalowka shoes! Im so inlove with them! haha!

Anywaysss, I love this time of the year wherein we all gather up and finally get to see our relatives who comes over to town just for christmas. I think its nice to have them around for a little get together every once in awhile.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! =)

Laterrr guys! mwah! =)

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