Skeletons in my shoe closet

Cache cache denim polo/ Topshop basic top/ PINKaholic shorts

Heel and Sole keri boots – Thank you kariza! =)

PINKaholic necklace/ Aldo cuffs/ Bubbles ring

Zara leopard bag

My baby, gucci waiting for me to finish shoot. lol!

..and Fendi, shes actually looking at me.. We had to take a photo of her. cuuute! hehe!

Backlog backlog backlog! This is what i wore yesterday. Did a few things also, pulled out clothes from my closet to be donated in CDO/Iligan. was gonna send it thru LBC since i read some tweets that LBC was accepting donations and shipping them for free, but then a friend called and told me he was going to CDO tomorrow so i think it was a better option.

This is just so sad… CDO is one of the neighboring cities of Butuan. Butuanon’s are very thankful that the storm didn’t hit town, to think that CDO is just a 3hr drive from Butuan. We did not expect the storm to do that much damage in all the areas that were affected.

Guys, lets HELP CDO & ILIGAN. Godbless!

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