Look who joined me.. hehe! My baby, Fendi. =)

Jeffrey Campbell nightwalk

Forever21 cardigan & bondage skirt/ Maldita knitted top

PINKaholic cuffs/ Bubbles cross connector ring/ Forever21 gold ring/ Aldo gold watch

KHT Chu’s Fashion Corner gold sequined beanie

Hello everyone!!! Its almost Christmas! and im so excited! I just love love love the holidays.. Its that time of the year wherein everyone gets super busy.. haha! is that bad? haha! Well, busy.. i meant busy with all the shopping for gifts and stuff, organizing parties and of course, the eating part. Lol!

how is everyone? How’s holiday season goin? hehe!  =)

By the way, i know a lot of you guys have seen the news today about the horrible disaster that struck CDO and Iligan after the storm “sendong”. Lets all pray for the victims and their families and the fast recovery of their city.  tsk! Christmas pa naman… so sad.

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