Mini shopping haul

Last saturdays christmas shopping at CDO. hehe! Here are some of my buys:

Modlash, individual lashes and strips from BeautyBar. Love love love falsies!

Watsons heel cushions and slingback strips. Every shoe lovers best friend. hehe! I always stock up on these.. a lot!

By the way, Wickedying and i had a little agreement about implementing a shoe ban for like a month now and so far.. hmmm.. nothing has been obeyed! We always end up talking about shoes and buying them. hahaha! Whatever. atleast we tried. haha!

Now for some shoe shopping! Lol!:

Aerosoles snakeskin flats – so soft! i had to buy’em! plus, they’re on sale. =)

Primadonna slingback heels — these were also on sale. hehe! These by the way reminded me of a pair from H&M. Don’t you think? =)

Primadonna platform wedges. — Fell inlove with these the moment i saw them. Im so loving the pink and brown combination. These too reminded me of Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2011 shoe collection. =) Love love love these pair! =)

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