I Love December

Forever21 cross necklace/ Aldo gold watch/ PINKaholic assorted cuffs

Pill glitter platforms — Glitzy shoes are so adorabel! Love these pair to bits! mwah!

PINKaholic Layered top/ PINKaholic hotpink shorts

Glitter! Glitter! Glitter! I have always loved how they sparkle and shine in different colors. Who doesn’t love glitter? hehe! Shining, shimmering, splendid lang ang peg. haha!

Anywaaaay, heres my monday outfit of the day. A top from PINKaholic’s recent collection, Prints Charming. Love love love this top so much! I love how it covers my chubby arms. haha! Well, a part of it. Atleast it makes ‘em look a little skinny.. i want skinny arms! seriously! I think everything i eat goes straight to my arms. lol!

Laterrr.. mwah! Meet-up mondays with wickedying again.. hehe! =)

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