Never grow up

I think crochet tops/dresses are so romantic. I love how it makes a whole outfit look so dainty and girly. They’re so easy to style!  PINKaholic crochet top (coming soon)

Amazing statement earrings from DJC Existence just simply adds a more dramatic look to the whole outfit. It actually breaks down the all white color of the crochet top and adds attention to the top portion of the outfit, which makes it all come into proportion.

Pedro heels

PINKaholic crochet top/ PINKaholic shorts/ Pedro heels/ DJC existence earrings

Cebu last week was great! I was so amazed how so much has changed since i left the city after i graduated college. yeah.. bummer! I wish i was still in college so i could explore cebu again. I remember my first year in college, driving and didn’t even had a clue where Ayala center is… so i got lost and didn’t even bother to ask for directions. Lol!!! Found my way to Ayala anyway. hehe!

Oh! By the way, this is what i wore last friday, haha! sorry for the major backlog. =)

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