Knit me to death

Zara knit top/ Forever21 leopard shorts/ Soule Phenomenon deathbyplatforms wedge/ PINKaholic gold necklace/ Aldo gold watch

So i haven’t blogged for two straight days, hehe! Sorry sweeties! ❤ Anyway, wickedying was doing a funshoot last saturday and i kinda volunteered to do her makeup for the photo shoot. I needed to hone my makeup skills… on someone else’s face, okay? not mine.. haha! So that was my chance to bring out the makeup artist in me. Chozzzz! hahaha! Oh by the way, makeup artist/photographer actually. hahaha! I joined her friends who did the photography. Soooo.. yeah, tried out my photography skills too! nyahahaha! (Echosera lang noh? haha!) 

Here’s a sneek peek! hehe! One of the photos i took of wickedying.. hehe!

Do check out the actual photos done by Photo Diaries. I so love her shots! I don’t know how to describe it but its just amazing. I love the whole concept of the shoot. Try to check out PhotoDiaries’ previous shoot with wickedying! Too cute! Fallen angel lang ang peg! lol! HERE.

Laterrr guys! mwah! =)

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