Your Harness

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Mango layered cross necklace/ Zara Skull belt/ Aldo leaf cuffs/ Random brand pyramid cuffs

Topshop floral top/ Zara skull belt/ Topshop skirt/ Mango layered cross necklace/ FivebyFive olsen boots/ 

As for the “all black harness challenge”, I opted for something dark and gothic but still feminine and all girly. That’s actually what the skirt and floral top works for. By the way, i DIY’ed the top by cutting off the sleeves, this was actually a T-shirt. hehe! And to top it off, a skull belt that i’ve had for the longest time but never had the chance to wear it until this day. haha! It just gives out a “gothic” feel to the whole outfit. I don’t know exactly how you guys explain it, but that’s how i understand it. hahaha! 

Hope you like it! mwah! ❤

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