Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Halloween party in Butuan at Boy’s with my sister and wickedying! Wickedying and i fresh from manila. nyahaha!

PINKaholic was sponsoring an award, giving out gift certificates, so we had to attend the event. But before it all came to this, someone got really sick and almost backed out. haha! not telling.. looong story. hehe!

Sister as Glam Barbie and me as.. Lady Gaga. Am i gaga-fied enough? Lol.

Heeless shoes from Pill and sister’s uber barbie pink platforms from DAS.

Olivia & Fifth dress/ Aries Lagat bold shoulders jacket/ Topshop clutch/ Pill heeless shoes/ Mango layered cross necklace

Check out wickedying looking wicked as hell as the Black Swan!

Glam Barbie and Lady Gaga! hehe!

Till next post guys! Im tired.. i still need to get some more sleep.. zzzzzzz….

Lateerrr! mwah!

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