PFW: Day 7

This day was just awesome.. hands down! Went to PFW to watch the SLIM’S at 50 show. Will be blogging about that once i get back to Butuan. Still have a lot to blog about. huhuuuu… backlog alert! Busy week! choz! haha!

Anyway, i think tonights show was amazing! Took a lot of photos actually, but my camera wouldn’t cooperate! ugh! I wanted to toss it all the way down to the first floor of SMX! A lot of my shots were all too blurry and shaky.. I don’t know why i couldn’t get good shots. This is so frustrating! I couldn’t get it to work for me! Maybe i just don’t know how to tweak it. haha!

PINKaholic metallic top (coming soon)

Forever21 accessories

Daryl Chang, i was literally shaking when i asked her if i could take a photo with her. She’s like, one of the best stylists in the country, one of those whom i look up to. Shes so pretty!

OMG! I got star strucked the moment i saw him! Its Andre Chang! and look! matching metallic shirts.. parang naka couple shirt lang naman. Looool! Aaaand.. he is soooo nice, was surprised he recognized us from lookbook. =)

And finally! A photo of me and wickedying! We’ve been together for like 3 days now and i think this is the only photo we have, i mean seriously.. we are both in it! haha!

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY sheer top and leather shorts

I love this photo of her.. look how cute she is! =)

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