Its pouring rain

DIY leopard cross shirt by yours truly.. =)

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Topshop leather jacket/ DIY leopard cross shirt/ Promod green pants/ Fivebyfive olsen boots/ Aldo bracelet

And so it was raining today and it feels like there’s a storm coming. lol! I hope not, i just want a weather that brings a little chilly atmosphere, not a storm. haha!

Anyway, i was feeling a little artsy these days if you’ve noticed, remember my last post about the DIY shorts i painted? Well, yeah i did another DIY, but this time its on these old white shirt. I ripped out strips of leopard print fabric and sewed it on the shirt.. its that simple everyone. haha! Ive been eyeing on this shirt design for awhile now. Been spotting a lot of bloggers on wearing shirts like these.. then i thought “hey, why not do it yourself?” right? Lol! =p

Till next post ladies! Hope you like my DIY shirt! hehe! =)

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