Red & Leopard

Tonic rissa bag

Forever21 red blazer/ Zara lady gaga top/ Topshop belt/ H&M khaki shorts/ Tonic rissa bag

Was suppose to have this post done last night but i got so tired from the long 3hour drive from CDO, so i had to crash the moment i got home. I actually had only 4hours of sleep the night before. Slept late watching Shutter Island on HBO, yeah, i know, im such a loser for missing out on that movie for a year now. haha!

So yeah, another roadtrip with mariel! hehe! And of course, we had to take a few photos before leaving. We found a perfect spot near SM for a little impromptu shoot for our blog. hehe! I had to tell the driver to stop since the weather was so perfect. Not too gloomy, not too sunny.. it was perfect! =)

Work it wickedying! I sooo love mariel’s long locks! ugh! I miss my long hair.. im trying to grow it back and never, ever chop it off again.. ever! lol!

We had a few more photos but i only had to upload two since i looked like a retard from doing only one pose in all the shots and mariel was all fierce.. nyahaha!

Till next post sweeties! luvyah! ❤

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