Sometimes you just have to do it yourself

Finally! i have something else to blog about other than my daily outfit posts. hahaha! Anywaaaay, i had nothing else to do today since i didn’t go to work.  So i thought of doing a DIY painting on some of my old pair of denim shorts.

This is actually my first time to do DIY on clothes. So don’t be hard on me.. huhu.. =(

Here’s what you need:

  • Old pair of denim shorts or you can have it brand new if you want. lol!
  • Tulco fabric paint
  • Flat tip brush – depends on the design
  • Newspaper

Tulco fabric paints in blue, white and red since im doing U.K flag.

My old pair of denim high waist shorts. I didn’t get to wear them anymore so i decided to put them to use as a blank canvas for my future master piece. Lol!

Avoid messy paints all over your floor by placing newspaper over the work area. I also prefer pouring small portions of each color onto newspaper so i wouldn’t have to dip my brush into the paint canister.

Ive always wanted to do U.K flag, so i had to give it a go.

Voila! My Pièce de résistance!

Hmmmm.. not bad eh? haha! What do you think?=)

Outfit post on these pair soon.. Im still letting it sit to dry. Lol!

Will be doing more of these when i have time. Any suggestions? =) Let me see you do your own pair of flag denim shorts!

Till next post peeps! mwah! ❤

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