LittleMiss Garcelle

Garcelle wedges by Michael Antonio. Lucky me! These were the last pair! By the way, Hard as hell to walk in. lol! but i don’t mind.. i love’em.. =p

Random brand knitted sweater/ Mango basic top/ Bkk studded denim shorts/ Michael Antonio garcelle wedges

OOTD!!! Leaving tomorrow.. huhu.. gonna miss you guys.. ill be back in a week or so.. and getting back home means “shopping haul!!!” lol! Yeah, will be doing that next week. Will look for stuff that you guys would love and would definitely love to try. I already have one in mind, it was my mom’s but im still not convinced, i need to get my hands on them before i make the final verdict about this certain product. haha! =)

So anyway, last night i really had a hard time packing, it even took me like 3hours to pack. Totally clueless on how to travel light! Lol! Can i just bring the whole closet with me? Life would be so much easier that way.

3hours! …and this is all that got into my luggage. =p

Later peeps! Be right back! … in a week! =)

oh and another thing.. Im thinking of maybe doing another blog giveaway. nyahaha! This time, there will only be one winner. hehe! Still thinking of what to give-away. lol! =)




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