Forever21 knit top/ PINKaholic x SDY sheer skirt/ Asianvogue wedges/ Forever21 cross necklace

OOTD!!! Sheers and knits for todays look! and im lovin’ my skirt so much! lol! i love my own.. haha! This sheer skirt is from my previous collection for SDY. Let me know if you guys want one.. i do made to order. hehe!

Now lets talk shoes! I just got these babies last night. But before that, last night i went out with wickedying, our usual routine was to go out for dinner and have a drink since… ugh! like, if you live in our province? believe me, you wont have a lot of options on where to go. yeah, bummer! Anyway, wickedying mentioned a pair of shoes that were too big for her and asked if i wanted to have them… and you all know my answer..  say yes to shoes! hahaha! and thats how i got them. We actually went back to her place and picked up these babies. hahaha!

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