Pants! Pants! Pants! and a skirt! Bottoms up! ❤

Thanks to my mom and sis for these.. nyahaha!

First on the left are pants my mom bought me from Forever21, she knows that i love anything that comes in animal prints, esp leopard ang cheetah.. lol!. Thank God our mom has good taste in clothes, plus! she also loves to shop like me & my sister, trust me.. our mom shops like, OMG.. hehe!

Second is a sheer skirt my mom also bought for me when she went thrift shopping with my cousin.. hehe! Now you believe me? She actually knows what me and my sister like to wear. =)

Last two, metallic pants from H&M.. Metallic’s are in baby! and mine comes in metallic gold and silver. teehee! Actually these are my sisters, but unluckily, it didn’t fit her…and so she tweeted:

Sheiladytiu My sister @sssteph_92 is just lucky!!! Everytime I order clothes and shoes thats too small for goes straight to her closet!!!

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